Clash of Clans Th9 Upgrade Order/Priority For Farming and War base

Welcome to another article guys! In this article, I will tell you in what order you should upgrade your buildings Troops and spells at Town Hall level 9. So that your th 9 will get the max out very fast.

Why did this th 9 upgrade guide is important?

Guys! we can update our buildings Troops and spells randomly. But it will take a lot of time to do so. But if you follow our order to upgrade your th 9 building unit then it will take very less time to upgrade all of your TH9 units. And that’s the advantage of this upgrade orders.

So let’s start!

Please believe me, upgrading buildings, troops and spells in a town hall 9 is much easier than other Town Hall levels. And if you follow our order then it will take even very less time to upgrade.

So firstly choose, What type of clash player are you? Because guys we have different th9 upgrade order for players with different clashing styles.

I mean if you are a Trophy pusher or we can say resources farmer then the upgrade priorities are different for you than a guy who is a clan war enthusiastic. So guys make sure that you have wisely chosen the correct upgrade order, according to your clash playing style.

Different th 9 upgrade orders:

1. Farming base upgrade order

2. War base upgrade order

Th 9 farming base / Trophy pusher base update priorities:

This is general th 9 update order list. In this type of base we focus more on general buildings and spells and heroes than defensive buildings.

farming base order

So here is the upgrade priority for Trophy base:

General buildings:

1. The very first building we need to upgrade is the laboratory, as we enter in the th 9 level. This will unlock a new level for your Troops and spells.

2. After that consider upgrading your spell factory, as it will unlock new spells to use.

3. Then you should consider upgrading at least one of your Barrack and dark Barrack. This will unlock Lava home which can be used to do lavaloon attack which is a kind of famous attack against any th 9 bases.

4. Now it’s time to upgrade your Clan Castle(CC) which will increase your offense and defense by increasing Castle housing space by 5 units. And it will also increase the Clan Castle treasury storage capacity.

5. After that, you should upgrade your all four Army camps so that it will increase your troop housing space by 20.

6. Then you will need to upgrade your walls. Yes, you heard it right, “The Walls!”

7. Actually, you should not wait to upgrade your Archer Queen. I will recommend you to start upgrading your Archer queen parallelly with the other buildings as soon as you get enough dark elixir for it.

Believe me, Archer queen of level XI will be going to help you a lot in both attack and defense. So I highly recommend you to level up your queen to at least 11th level, even by using your magical items or precious gems.

Defensive buildings:

After upgrading your general buildings, now it’s time to upgrade your defense. This particular order of upgradation is very much important. So follow it very carefully.

1. X-Bow

Guys, you must build and upgrade your X-Bow first,  because of its long range and as it has the ability to defend your base from both air and ground Troops.

2. Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower can attack multiple units by splashing area. This makes it more effective so guys you should upgrade them as soon as you can!

3. Air Defenses

The biggest threat to th 9 base is from lavaloon attacks. That means from an air attack. So in order to take down them, you will need to upgrade air defenses to get more firepower.

4. Archer Tower

They do have the ability to defend our base from both air and ground attacks. So we should improve their power by upgrading them.

5. Mortars

It also covers a large area but it is defending our base only from the ground unit. But to protect our base from that Giants we need to upgrade these mortars too.

6. Canons

You should not care much about cannons. Because they answer effectively only against ground attacks and also they have low hit points. So it doesn’t matters at all, if you upgrade them at last!

[Note: Never upgrade two or more defensive building of any kind at the same time.]

Troops and spells:

To gain more resources by attacking in a multiplayer you will need a solid Army. And that’s why you should consider upgrading your Troops and spells too.

Which troops you should upgrade earlier will depend on your favorite Attacking  Strategy. In my case, I like lavaloon attack strategy. If you too like lavaloon attack then you can upgrade troops and spells in following order:

Else, I will recommend you to upgrade Troops as per your attacking strategy.

1. Balloons

I already told you that the Lavaloon is the best attack against any th 9 base. So you should upgrade your balloons as soon as possible.

2. Wizards

In Lavaloon attacking strategy Wizards are mostly used to take down Clan Castle Troops. So it will be better to upgrade them, in order to improve their attack.

3. Lavahound

Then it’s time to upgrade Lavahound. Because the more powerful our home we use in lavaloon attack will increase more chance of getting 3 stars.

4. Haste spell

Then we should upgrade haste spell as it is required to deliver lavaloon attack successfully.

After that guys, you can upgrade any troops and spells of your choice.

Best TH 9 farming Base layouts.

Th 9 war base upgrade order:

As we know that in clan Wars our target is to score more stars and defend our base from getting 3 star. So that, we need to upgrade different sets of building for war base. Which are not more regards to the war.

war enthusiastic order

General buildings:

1. Upgrade your Clan Castle first, in order to get 5 minutes more for offense and defense with more treasury storage capacity.

2. Then upgrade your laboratory to unlock new levels of Troops and spells.

3. After that it’s time to upgrade the spell factory which will unlock jump spell and freeze spell.

4. Now increase your Army housing space by upgrading your all four army camp.

5. Then upgrade your Barrack and Dark Barrack to unlock loot Troops.

6. Then we need to upgrade our walls.

7. After that we need to upgrade our traps.

Troops/ heroes / spells:

To improve our attack, we need improved Army units and spells. We also need to upgrade our Hero as they are the game changer for wars.

The Order to upgrade troops heroes and spells are pretty much similar as we follow for the farming base.

We are going to upgrade,

1. Archer Queen

2. Balloons

3. Wizards

4. Lava hound

5. Haste spell

As I told you earlier, you can upgrade any troops that you are going to use in your favorite attacking strategy.  This order is useful for lavaloon attackers.

Defensive buildings:

And lastly, we going to upgrade our defensive buildings. If you are confused that why we are upgrading our Defence at last then the answer is, as we are not fully upgraded our defense firstly, it will help us to get lower level opponents into clan Wars and that is the reason we are upgrading our defenses at last.

So we can upgrade our defensive buildings in following order:

1. Air Defenses

2. Wizard Towers

3. Archer Towers

4. Mortars

Then, guys, I will recommend you to build and upgrade X-Bows at the very end.

So this is our th 9 upgrade order for both Trophy pusher and for war guys. I hope that guys you like it,  if  ‘Yes’ then share this article with your friends!

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this th 9 upgrade guide then feel free to drop it in the comment.

Thank you.

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