Best Town Hall 4 War Base Layouts

Townhall 4 has a very primitive base with very limited resources like Elixir and gold so there are very fewer strategies and tricks. We have brought some of the verified and tested bases which will help you in planning your strategies. These are the best town hall 4 war base which you can’t find anywhere.

These th4 war base layouts are tested in the battlefield but remember every base can be destroyed with great attacking strategies. It may be possible that a smart attacker with exceptional or unique attacking strategy, can take three stars on these th4 bases. So there is nothing to be surprised about it.

I highly recommend you to don’t copy these base layouts as it is, instead makes changes into these base layouts as per your requirements and create a unique base layout for yourself.

Best Town Hall 4 War Base Anti 3 Star:

town hall 4 war base

This base is a maze type base which confuses the troops as this reduces the time of the troops to attack the main structure of the base.

th4 war base

This base protects your defenses by an additional layer of walls. It also avoids direct entry of enemy troops into the base.

best th4 war base

Before damaging your defenses the enemies must defeat your resources thus getting more time for your defenses to damage the troops.

th4 war base layouts

This base defends your townhall by surrounding it with defenses thus avoiding enemies from getting 3 stars.

Top TH4 War Base Anti Giant:

best town hall 4 war base

This base protects the mortar which does the most damage to the troops. Giants are mostly put forward in groups thus mortar does heavy damages on the enemy side.

Anti Everything TH 4 War Bases:

town hall 4 war base layouts

This is the most interesting base and my favorite too, first of all, it does not allow troops to directly enter enemy troops to enter and also protects your defenses by layers of walls.

Best Town Hall 4 War Base Layouts:

top th4 war base

This base is a very special base as according to my experience no one has ever been able to destroy my active base. This base will defend your defenses as well as townhall.

Latest th4 war base 2018

th4 war base 2018

I recently found this war base layout and which incredibly powerful when it comes to defense. there is nothing new in this th4 war base layout, but the way the walls and defensive buildings are arranged, with it, becomes very safe.

TH4 war base anti-everything:

th4 war base anti every thing

Friends, we have seen that all types of attacks fail to a large extent on this base layouts. And that’s why we named this base layout as th4 war base anti-everything. And we think this will be the right name for this.

Bonus Town Hall 4 War Base Layout:

best town hall 4 war base layout

It is very difficult to take 3 stars on this easy-looking base layout. And that’s why I have included it on my list. This base layout will force the attacker to think twice before attacking you.

So, guys, this was our list of top 10 town hall 4 war base layouts. I hope you like it. Friends, if you have an awesome base layout and You think it is worthy to be on our list. Then send it to us, using our contact us page or email it to us. We will be happy to include it on our list.


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