Best Builder Hall 6 Base Layouts

Friends, we have a great collection of builder hall 6 base layouts for you. I have personally tested each of them on the battlefield and they did a superb job for me. These bh 6 base layouts have the capability to resist attackers army so that they can damage less to your base.

In builder hall 6, we have many defensive buildings to protect our base from attackers. We have a roaster, 2 crushers 3 archer towers 2 cannons 2 double cannons and a very powerful mortar. But those will not help us, if we don,t arranged them Properly.

So choose one of these builder hall 6 base design and protect your builder base from the attackers.

Even if these base layouts are tested, but it is possible that some attackers can take three stars on these base layouts. It is possible only because of their best attack strategy, after all, it is a strategic game.

Builder Hall 6 Base Anti 3 Stars:

Builder hall 6 base

This layout is made up of a lot of boxes of walls. And this boxes we have built to protect the defensive buildings. We have kept the town hall in the center, due to which It becomes very difficult for attackers to reach to the town hall.

Due to the fewer numbers of walls, We have to keep some defensive buildings out of these boxes of walls. and due to which attackers can destroy them easily as they don’t have a cover of walls.

Anti 2 Star BH 6 Base Layout:

Builder hall 6 base design

This base layout looks like a diamond and it very difficult to breach. In this base layout, we try to protect defensive buildings like mortar, roaster and barrel bombs by keeping them in the middle of the base layout. Then these buildings damage the attackers most and lead us towards the victory.

Another advantage of this builder hall 6 base layout is, it’s great placement of mines and traps which welcome attackers as early surprises.

Best Builder Hall 6 Base Layout:

Builder hall 6 base layouts

This base layout looks ugly but believes me that it protects our village better than other ones on this list. In this base layout, we try to safeguard defensive buildings along with town hall, by keeping them into a rectangular box of walls.

When an attacker attacks, He must first destroy the buildings outside and at the same time, our defensive buildings havoc on them.

Best Bh 6 Base Design:

Builder hall 6 base 2018

This base layout design is inspired from a bh5 base layout. This rectangular layout has been divided into different parts by lines of walls. And each part contains a different number of defensive buildings.

With the ground troops, an attacker has no chance to stand against this base layout. But with smart air troops attack strategy, will increase the chances of getting 2 stars on this layout.

BH6 base Layout Anti Everything:

Bh 6 base design

A specialty of this base layout is a great placement of the traps. It is also an upgraded version of the bh5 base layout. But here we have more number of defensive buildings and traps to defend our village.

It is one of my favorite builder hall 6 base layout and performs well against both air and ground attacks.

Top Builder Hall 6 Layout:

Bh 6 base

Even I don’t like this base layout very much. but, I am surprised with its permanence and it is totally designed for to stop attackers army.

I am using this layout for a long time, and if you are not sure about its performance then you should give a try on this base layout by yourself.

Bh6 base layout Anti Everything:

Best builder hall 6 layout

By looking at this base,  every attacker may think that it will be easy to destroy this base with an air attack. But the placement of the air mines will surprise them.

This is a base layout, which you once must admit to. This base layout will never disappoint you.

Bh6 Base Layout With Roaster:

Best bh6 base

One of my friend who is a youtuber, give me this base layout. this base layout is also rectangular in shape, but it is divided into sections.

There is only one way to get inside it, in which many traps have been installed to welcome the attacker’s army.

My friend told me that, With the help of this base layout he defended his 3200+ trophies.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 6 Trophy Base :

Best Builder hall 6 base

This base layout looks simple and easy to destroy but has great potential to defend your village from any sort of attack.

There are many ways to go inside this base layout but traps have been installed on every path.

BH 6 Defence Base Anti 2 Stars:

Best bh6 base 2018

I found this base layout in gameplay. and I thought it will be easy for me to destroy it but it defend itself very well.

In this base layout, we have kept all defensive buildings inside the box of walls. Due to which it becomes very secure base layout.

It was our list of best builder hall 6 base layouts. I hope you will like it. if you have a base layout and if you want to share it with us, then use our contact us page to send to us or you can email it to us. If we found your base layout to be worthy enough, then we will be happy to list your layout on our portal.

If you like these base layouts then don’t forget to comment and share.


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