Whirlwind (2020)

Whirlwind In Firestorm the first book of the Caretaker Trilogy seventeen year old Jack Danielson saved the world s oceans but at great personal cost his parents were killed and everything he knew and believe
  • Title: Whirlwind
  • Author: David Klass
  • ISBN: 9780374323080
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Firestorm, the first book of the Caretaker Trilogy, seventeen year old Jack Danielson saved the world s oceans, but at great personal cost his parents were killed and everything he knew and believed in was turned upside down Now Jack has come home to see P.J his girlfriend and sole remaining touchstone But she s missing, and blame falls on Jack On the run with GiIn Firestorm, the first book of the Caretaker Trilogy, seventeen year old Jack Danielson saved the world s oceans, but at great personal cost his parents were killed and everything he knew and believed in was turned upside down Now Jack has come home to see P.J his girlfriend and sole remaining touchstone But she s missing, and blame falls on Jack On the run with Gisco, his crafty canine sidekick, Jack is literally caught up in a whirlwind as he travels to the heart of darkness to rescue P.J a journey that will bring him face to face with the father of his old nemesis, the colonel, aka the Dark Lord from the future Jack s quest becomes all the complicated as he discovers that the only person who can stop the Dark Lord is another time traveler, the wizard Kidah, who has disappeared in the present.Book 2 of the Caretaker Trilogy mixes heart racing adventure with an urgent ecological warning about the fragility of the world s rain forests and the importance of respect for indigenous peoples Readers will be drawn into the vortex of the quest whether or not they re familiar with Book 1.
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    1. But one question first what if the truth doesn t make any sense David Klass, pg.175 , said by Whirlwind s main character This book is the second book of the Caretaker Trilogy I like this book than the Firestorm, the first book, because the plot was described better The author spends less time on unimportant, and focus on the overall plot of the story, helping the pace of the book and making the book easier to understand For most books, sentences fragments are such a pain in the neck, but this [...]

    2. Just like Firestorm, this is a good book The books in this series go all over the place, from adventure to adventure This is, however, one of the things that makes the books very interesting There are many points of action in this book, along with some personal loss I love that the books are super realistic Sure, they can be a little extreme, but other than a few moments the books tell exactly what would happen in a real situation This wasn t my favorite book, but I m glad I read it.

    3. This book was amazing So much action and it keep you om the edge of your seat I love the characters This book really opens your eyes to how humans really are effecting the Earth and how one lost boy tries to fix it without really knowing whats going on.

    4. Sequels get a bad rap Especially if they re in a series of than two the second one is often seen as the weak link, just a placeholder til the creator gets to the big finish This book breaks that mold, though I had my doubts in the first couple of chapters Jack s and Gitmo s never ending smart aleck bantering seemed forced, and got to be annoying Whirlwind continues the story of Jack Danielsen, who in Firestorm discovered that he was sent from the future because he is the only one able to save t [...]

    5. Posted to my Livejournal in April 2008, saved here for posterity This sequel lived up to the first one in the series I won t say it exceeded it, but it was definitely as strong It continues Klass s tradition of high intensity thrills and heartbreaking depictions of ecological disasters In this one, Jack has managed to save the world s oceans, and he returns to his hometown to check in on the girl he left behind only to find out that she has been kidnapped by another ruthless, Machiavellian kille [...]

    6. Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadTooWhen Jack arrives home to try and explain his disappearance for the last six months to his girlfriend, he finds out that the Dark Army has beaten him there and has kidnapped her in an attempt to thwart his Earth saving plans.The police are blaming him for the disappearance and for the death of her parents, who died fighting this evil army from the future in the first book, FIRESTORM With the help of a psychic, wisecracking dog named Gisco, Jack sets off in a ho [...]

    7. This book was fairly fast moving and I can see many of my middle schoolers enjoying it, but there was not a whole lot of depth to it Maybe I feel this way because I have not read the first book in the trilogy, but there were definite times I felt like there was gloss than substance The story was fairly predictable and the writing style was very predictable I don t know how many times there was a statement like It s a fill in blank here But wait, no It s a fill in blank here This got a bit tedio [...]

    8. This young adult book was a good sequel to Firestorm with most of the characters from the first book and a few new ones just to add variety I was glad Gisco was part of this adventure as well, but missed his banter when he was altered for a while This time Jack sets out to save his girlfriend, PJ, from the clutches of the Dark Army and keep the ian Rain Forest from being decimated If you are passionate about saving the Earth from dying out at the hands of greedy humans, then you will probably en [...]

    9. You know, I liked the first book It had its flaws, and it was best described by the New York Times Book Review, which said something like Al Gore meets Grand Theft Auto but it was fun That s why I was so disappointed in this one The sentence fragments are out of control, and for the love of little puppies, articles are your friend you know, the and and I felt like I was reading an outline, and the plot wasn t enough this time to keep me turning pages with anything other than apprehensive relucta [...]

    10. Eh, might be good glue between the two books Definitely passed quickly and with less grammar annoyance than listening to the first I just looked back through the book, and I don t think this owes entirely to print v audio pretty sure this book has complete sentences and articles than the first.I ve just placed the third on hold and do look forward to it just not with very high expectations.

    11. 4 1 2 Stars Not as good as the first one, but still a very nice read When I first started reading it, it was hard to get back into the flow of the fragments but eventually I got used to it again The action was still amazing, and the characters still intriguing and enjoyable Some of it was a little gory than I generally enjoy imagining but besides that, everything else was good.

    12. Jack finds Eko again, and Gisco They are know running away from the Dark Army again, except this time, the leader P.J Jack s girlfriend was kidnapped, and he was blamed for it Eko comes back, and they finally kiss I think Eko should be with Jack not P.J They try to conquer the dark lord, but fail In the next tale, it all unfolds.

    13. Whirlwind by david klass, honestly i think of it as hunger games in a way it has action, romance, war, and wisdom like Hary Potter It s a great book in my opinion the author gav a vivid setting and plot it was fantastic So read the first book firstrom the the second whirl wind and if you want timelock all by the amazing author David Klass

    14. 2nd in the series I like that this is an environmentally conscious series I don t like that animals are anthropomorphized to some extent In my world, sharks are not pure evil they just do what they do If you re trying to save the environment, I don t think you can pick choose which parts are worth saving Sharks and bats need appropriate habitat just like dolphins and monkeys.

    15. Like Firestorm, this book focuses its plot heavily on environmental issues through the Dark Army s evil Jack s voyage to the really turns things up a notch, especially during the forest fire scene This book is really fast paced and awesome.

    16. I actually liked this book better than the first book in the series Firestorm But I think Jack is sort of one dimensional compared to Eko Gisco s humor provides some relief from the intensity and face pace.

    17. This book is about saving the rain forests another worthy message Not as good as the first book in the series Sometimes the message seemed to overwhelm the actual story Still parts were very exciting and if you are going to read it you might as well read the whole trilogy.

    18. Just as good as the first book in the series, if not better Still underrated, still a shame, still Percy Jackson esque The 21st century girlfriend gets page time here, so be ready for drama Another good read.

    19. Started out with one catastrophic disaster after another and just when you think Jack won t get out of a situation this time, he does But about halfway through it becomes a riveting read and stays that way through to the end Loved it.

    20. Good series This is the second book Jack is the beacon of hope for saving the world His adventures in this book take him to the to save the rainforest, the atmosphere, and his girlfriend PJ.

    21. Taut writing, this second book is an ecological time travel mystical read A bit less sophisticated then T.C Boyles work, but still a great read for teen boys and girls and adults like me who love teen books

    22. it was really great I cried at the end i really really want eko and jack together he has to let go of pj and he clearly loves eko and she absolutely love him fingers crossed for the next one.

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