Darkness, Take My Hand (2020)

Darkness Take My Hand When Detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro agree to protect the son of a prominent psychiatrist they soon find bodies are piling up around them What s all the clues point to an unlikely suspe
  • Title: Darkness, Take My Hand
  • Author: Dennis Lehane
  • ISBN: 9780553818215
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro agree to protect the son of a prominent psychiatrist they soon find bodies are piling up around them What s , all the clues point to an unlikely suspect a serial killer who has been in prison for twenty years, so he can t be killing again, can he As the duo try to find out what kind of human being could perform suchWhen Detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro agree to protect the son of a prominent psychiatrist they soon find bodies are piling up around them What s , all the clues point to an unlikely suspect a serial killer who has been in prison for twenty years, so he can t be killing again, can he As the duo try to find out what kind of human being could perform such horrifying acts of mutilation, torture and dismemberment, they discover that the killer s motive is disturbingly rooted in their own past In a series of heart stopping climaxes that grow ever bloody, ever terrifying, the two detectives work frantically to capture the killer before they become victims themselves.
    Darkness, Take My Hand Patrick Kenzie and In Darkness, Take My Hand private detectives and series protagonists Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro work with the Boston Police Department, the FBI and underworld characters to find a serial killer targeting people from the Boston neighborhood where they grew up. DARKNESS, TAKE MY HAND Kirkus Reviews Jul , DARKNESS, TAKE MY HAND by Dennis Lehane RELEASE DATE July , Lehane follows up his Shamus winning A Drink Before the War with a second case for the private detective team of Patrick Kenzie and Angela Dimassi Gennaro. Darkness, Take My Hand Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro In Darkness, Take My Hand private detectives and series protagonists Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro work with the Boston Police Department, the FBI and underworld characters to find a serial killer targeting people from the Boston neighborhood where they grew up. Darkness, Take My Hand Darkness, Take My Hand is the second book in the Kenzie Gennaro series by Dennis Lehane. Darkness, Take My Hand book by Dennis Lehane Jul , Master of new noir Dennis Lehane magnificently evokes the dignity and savagery of working class Boston in Darkness, Take My Hand, a terrifying tale of redemption Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro s latest client is a prominent Boston psychiatrist, running scared from a vengeful Irish mob. Darkness, Take My Hand Kenzie Gennaro, by Dennis Lehane Jul , Quotes from Darkness, Take My But I often think we talk way too much in this society, that we consider verbalization a panacea that it very often is not, and that we turn a blind eye to the sort of morbid self absorption that becomes a predictable by product of it likes Editions of Darkness, Take My Hand by Dennis Lehane Editions for Darkness, Take My Hand X Paperback published in , Kindle Edition published in , Paperback published in My Site Darkness, Take My Hand Peanut Butter Milk Stout with Cocoa Nibbs It is like drinking a Reese s out of a glass contains lactose . Pixels Can Galaxy Enigma Alright, now that we ve got your attention, tomorrow we release our newest NEIPA, Pixels Coming in at %, loads of citrus and passion fruit with red currants and light darkness darkness, the youngbloods YouTube Jan , Darkness, Darkness Be my pillow Take my head And let me sleep In the coolness of your shadow In the silence of your deep Darkness, Darkness Hide my yearning Order of Dennis Lehane Books OrderOfBooks Darkness, Take My Hand Sacred Gone, Baby, Gone Prayers for Rain Moonlight Mile Publication Order of Coughlin Books The Given Day Live by Night World Gone By Publication Order of Standalone Novels Mystic River Shutter Island The Drop
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    1. Darkness, I said, take my hand Take Me away from this place and Darkness did.It s pretty good for a series when the second book of it is even better than the first A Drink Before the War This book is that I got really attached to the characters of Angie and Kenzie in the first book and this book cemented that fictional bond You live in these books when you read them Not that it s always a good thing, this book crept even my non feeling ass out.Kenzie and Angie take a simple case where a psychiat [...]

    2. Posted at Shelf Inflicted This second book in the Kenzie Gennaro series is even better than the first It retains some of the humor of the first, but is considerably darker and violent Bubba, the one man army who cares for no one but Patrick and Angie, has a much significant role which involves a fire hydrant and a bowling alley Angie s abusive ex husband, Phil, has quit drinking and starts to show his decent side to a point where I actually began to like the guy Patrick now has a steady girlfr [...]

    3. Dennis Lehane image from The Talks PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are drawn into a malestron of violence and danger after a shrink passes along a dark tale of stalking and murder reported by a patient When the patient s son is threatened the game is afoot It takes a few twists and turns that lead to killer clowns, crimes of the deep past and years of revenge and psychotic control and planning Ultra violence permeates Dark and evil with a taste for cruelty almost kills the team and many ar [...]

    4. Just when things are going great for both of them, Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired by a psychiatrist to find out who s stalking her son Meanwhile, Patrick runs into a troubled girl from the neighborhood But what do these two things have to do with an imprisioned psychopath who wants to speak with Patrick One of these days, I m going to learn my lesson and have Kemperand Nancy pick out all my books for me Kenzie and Gennaro are rapidly climbing my detective hierarchy.Things have chang [...]

    5. Scary serial killer stuff Private detectives Kenzie and Genaro are likable, the killers are weird and memorable although I must confess I m weary of serial killers , and the Boston atmosphere is very authentic Second in a series.

    6. If you and your partner aren t civilians and you re not cops, then what are you I shrugged Two idiots who aren t half as tough as we thought we were In media res is a cute little story telling trick where the writer starts in the middle or with the aftermath of the action and then drops hints and clues about what occurs in what you re about to read It works really well if it s some kind series where you already know the characters I m a complete sucker for this tactic, and Lehane uses it beautif [...]

    7. Tell me, what are all time favorites made of Perhaps we all have a different definition for them, but mine I read so much that a great, even amazing book can get sidelined if it doesn t leave a mark on me On the contrary, a flawed one can earn its stripes if the emotions it makes me feel are unforgettable I d say that if there were one lesson to be learnt from this experience, is that Darkness, Take My Hand will linger Oh, yes, it will a fucked up male lead I grew to adore and for whom I care so [...]

    8. A psychiatrist is worried that someone is stalking her teenage son and is in danger So she asks Kenzie and Gennaro to look out for her son Also one her client is an abusive relationship, who disappears and poor doctor started getting threatening calls One of the shocking thing about the disappeared client was her surname, which was Krnzie Once Patrick and Angie start investigations, things gets messier, nastier and bloodier with each passing day.While Kenzie and Gennaro were brave in the first b [...]

    9. Eviscerate them, Patrick Kill them all I can t say that I went into this book series knowing what I was going to be reading I also can t say that it was what I would expect it to be Thought provoking, beautiful writing is a high point in this series, and I m ashamed to admit I was shocked that that was the case From page one of book one, I have been enad with the depth of these stories and the amazing writing that pulls you in whether you want to be sucked in or not.but maybe my largest praise g [...]

    10. Hot on the heels of finishing A Drink Before the War, I felt ready for another dose of Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro in my life Actually, rave reviews for this second volume In Dennis Lehane s detective duo series were what lead me to read the first After all, what girl can resist a promise of serial murders and Boston days of yore Not this one The case starts off simply enough, a psychiatrist receives a photograph of her son and a menacing phone call, possibly Mafia associated, and Patrick [...]

    11. I read this book to fill the Set in New England square on my2016 Halloween Book Bingo card.Wow, this was gritty and dark A part of Boston that had never, ever crossed my mind the Irish working class and the mafia that sprang from them And the two investigators, Patrick and Angela, not only share this background but have stuck around continued to work in it.I missed the first book and truthfully I don t know that I will read another in the series One dose of bleakness may be sufficient for my nee [...]

    12. I don t know what to say, except, maybeNow this is a read, motherfuckers AndWell, except read A Drink Before the War first because the idea of anyone reading series books out of order not only gives me an anxiety attack but it s just wrong and should be punished with jail time Or a nice spork in the eye.Anyway, I don t often get that ohmigawdIhavetodonothingbutreaduntilIfindoutwhathaaaapeeeens feeling, but I got it here It s such a nice feeling Makes me so happy to be a reader.Love the character [...]

    13. Boston private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired by a psychiatrist with a troublesome tale to tell A young woman had come in for a counseling session regarding her abusive boyfriend The boyfriend learned of the meeting and began to issue threats the latest via a manila envelope containing what appears to be a surveillance photo of the doctor s son The identity of the boyfriend shocks Pat and Angie They grew up with Kevin Hurlihy who is, yes, a certified psychotic currentl [...]

    14. In this book Patrick has started a relationship with Grace, a young doctor with a daughter, and Angie has divorced Phil But their life will soon be turned upside down A psychiatrist hires Angie and Patrick to watch over her son who she is scared is a target by the Irish mafia But they never imagine what the case will do to their lifeThis book grabbed a hold of me from the beginning and kept its hold until the end The first book was good, this book was awesome The story was tragic, disturbing and [...]

    15. Psycho Secrets in South Boston BadlandsThis was my first Lehane PI novel, a psychological suspense that drew me in with an intriguing and plausible plot, in which the gritty characters were developed well enough for me to connect with them Lehane created just the right amount of sexual tension between the PI partners, Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro, to keep an undercurrent buzzing I found the story gripping as it threw me into a harbor of bad blood, mobsters and psychos in South Boston Southie [...]

    16. Excellent Far better than the first book, but still flawed in the middle third.This book starts and ends very well, very exciting and fun Patrick s new loves, Grace and her daughter Mae, appear suddenly and unexpectedly Angela is off slumming in bars, and she and Patrick seem back to The Friend Zone again What happened in between the first two books The barely restrained and terrific passion between Patrick and Angela is suddenly missing at the start of this book As is often the case in Lehane R [...]

    17. It s like a James Patterson Only, you know, good.It might seem churlish of me to criticise a 510 page book that I finished and enjoyed in record breaking time as being too populist to be truly great but the fact of the matter is that this series jumped from what I might consider hard boiled and noir in to thriller territory marked for mass consumption by people who prefer their font to be on the larger size in the space of one book.I complained in my review of book 1 that Lehane drifted far too [...]

    18. Read in January a better late than never, mini REALLY mini reviewRating, 4.5 City Hunter posters remind me of Patrick and Ange The second installment in the Kenzie Gennaro series grabbed me from the first page Darker and disturbing than A Drink Before the War, again filled with suspense and great characters Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro take a new case A new client At first glance a simple stalking case Than a wave of gruesome murders spreads through the neighborhood A serial killer A work [...]

    19. A well known Boston psychiatrist has been receiving threats and promptly hires private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro to look into the source What starts out as a simple task turns into a violent bloodbath as Kenzie and Gennaro s world comes undone.Dennis Lehane is fast becoming one of my favorite authors Where do I even start with this one Darkness, Take My Hand takes everything about the first novel A Drink Before the War and improves upon it, which I didn t think was even pos [...]

    20. 9 10Me and the little lady were planning on going to New England in the Fall and, among other areas, visiting Boston This book did enough to make me have a re think on that one I mean there are serial killers roaming around for a number of years going undetected, mafia folk doing what mafia folk do making people swim with the fishes , psychotic friends who like to use fire hydrants as a beating tool, and two private eye s who are trying to figure out the whole sorry mess.But that is just the tip [...]

    21. The blurb on the back cover refers to a serial killer Usually that would be a show stopper for me, because serial killers do not fascinate me at all, especially the Mensa type that seem to overpopulate thrillers If not for Lehane s reputation, especially among various friends here on , I m sure I would have passed Lehane s serial killer does spout some spooky stupid mumbo jumbo, but by the time I got to it, I didn t give a hoot.This is Lehane s second novel I read and enjoyed his first, A Drink [...]

    22. n o somos nada, nenhum de n s, para al m de um monte de rg os e veias e m sculos e v lvulas suspensos em correntes de sangue, escondidos por exteriores fr geis, de uma vaidade in til Este livro reconciliou me com a literatura policial.As minhas ltimas incurs es neste g nero revelaram se verdadeiramente decepcionantes, por n o corresponderem ao que aprecio num livro policial 1 A Escrita Gosto de ler palavras e frases que me envolvam na hist ria e me criem empatia com as personagens, de uma forma [...]

    23. A priest getting shot and the serial killer who entered my life and the latest ethnic cleansing being wrought in a former Soviet republic or the man who shot up an abortion clinic not far from here or another serial killer who s killed ten in Utah and has yet to be caught none of it is connected But sometimes it feels like it is, as if somewhere there s a thread to all these events, all these random, arbitrary violences, and that if we can just figure out where that thread begins, we can pull on [...]

    24. A brief historyI saw and enjoyed the movie Gone baby gone then found out it was based on a book then found out it was a series of books then promptly forgot about them Later I read this particular book was quite suspenseful and nasty then promptly forgot about it and, well, here we are.I ll admit, while I waa enjoying the book the first two hundred or so pages where not particularly suspenseful or nasty then the book shifted into high gear and gave way to a great story of tracking a couple of na [...]

    25. Please don t read if you have not read the first book in this series since spoilers from that book are below Well I definitely liked this one than the first book in the series There is one plot hole that didn t make a lot of sense to me, but other than that I really liked how this book worked from beginning to end It also was short, but the flow worked a lot in this one, so I didn t notice the length of the book until I got to the end Patrick and Angie take a case looking into protecting the s [...]

    26. Holy S , I would ve given this book than 5 stars if possible, it was that great Boston Private Investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are on their latest and most darkest case yet They are called upon by a Boston Psychiatrist who is afraid that her son is being stalked by the Irish Mafia At the same time Kenzie is approached by a troubled neighborhood young woman, that he knew as a child, who is in need of his help, and a deranged Serial Killer asking to speak with Kenzie, who has been [...]

    27. Well, that was fun A bit light and flufOkay, no, it wasn t I seem to have been on a roll of much grimmer than I d expect to like books that have worked for me despite everything There are a couple of reasons this one did, and one of them is a bit of denial compartmentalization unless it isn t that I have to do I can just manage to read books with high body counts, and extreme violence or cruelty if the author doesn t seem to be saying that all humans are deeply cruel at some fundamental level, b [...]

    28. I know I m supposed to reserve my adoration for authors who are stylistic experimenters, boundary pushers, pioneers in voice and structure But damn it all if I don t find authors like Dennis Lehane impressive for how they take familiar genres and breathe life into them I ll wrestle manfully with the latest Pynchon, for instance, but I won t enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed Darkness, Take My Hand The second of Lehane s Kenzie Gennaro books, it s a wholly original take on the private detective [...]

    29. Angie e Patrick continuam a fazer o que fazem melhor a investigar em equipa Por m, desta vez, o pior acontece perto de casa Demasiado perto.Os acontecimentos actuais cruzam se com momentos do passado e o Patrick lida com mem rias dolorosas enquanto luta, no presente, para salvar aqueles que mais ama.Uma morte brutal sucede outra num romance policial onde as personagens tem personalidades fortes, hist rias de vida complicadas e rela es complexas Dennis Lehane n o escreve para n s nos esquecermos, [...]

    30. It seems like a pretty straightforward crime novel when Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired by a psychiatrist to look out for her son, but it soon develops into a dark and violent story of their search for a serial killer As in all Lehane s Kenzie and Gennaro novels, the story is important but it s the commentary on the failings of humanity and society is at the center It s another riveting read We re humans, so we re messy

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