A Taste of Sake (2020)

A Taste of Sake As author Heather Heyford pours a final glass in her series following three Napa wine heiresses a newcomer must work her way into a tightly knit family whose bond has been fermenting for years Though
  • Title: A Taste of Sake
  • Author: Heather Heyford
  • ISBN: 9781601833624
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • As author Heather Heyford pours a final glass in her series following three Napa wine heiresses, a newcomer must work her way into a tightly knit family whose bond has been fermenting for years Though they each have their own ambitions and are known to be competitive even with each other the St Pierre sisters are fiercely loyal Chardonnay and Merlot are thrilled about SaAs author Heather Heyford pours a final glass in her series following three Napa wine heiresses, a newcomer must work her way into a tightly knit family whose bond has been fermenting for years Though they each have their own ambitions and are known to be competitive even with each other the St Pierre sisters are fiercely loyal Chardonnay and Merlot are thrilled about Sauvignon s wedding day, and it s slated to be the soir e of the decade among Napa s most elite residents Given the family s notoriety, it almost stands to reason that their eccentric father, Xavier, would arrive by helicopter But no one could have anticipated the wedding surprise he d brought along with him The product of one of Xavier s many affairs, Sake is introduced as the half Japanese sister the St Pierre girls never knew they had She struggles to break into clique ish Napa society and getting in with her sisters is proving difficult than nabbing a 74 Cabernet It seems only high end realtor Bill Diamond can tell there s to Sake than meets the eye Afraid of repeating her mother s mistakes, Sake just hopes that getting drunk on love won t leave her with a hangover of rejection
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    1. 4 in the Napa Wine Heiresses romance seriesThis is actually of a family chick lit than a romance, to me, although there s certainly some romance involved Sake is the illegitimate daughter of Xavier St Pierre the wine mogul When she ends up in trouble, he brings her to the family home and introduces her to the family As a street smart wise talking young woman, she was unappealing at first But as her personality is revealed, she became much appealing thoughtful, caring, independent, and strong H [...]

    2. 4 starsSake, the half Japanese and all wild love child of Xavier St Pierre, has been dragged against her will to meet her half sisters, the wine heiresses of Napa Valley Along the way, Sake loses her job, her dog, and her heart to mild mannered local boy Bill Diamond Living an almost feral existence in San Francisco, Sake knows she s no pampered princess and is equally resentful and intimidated by her polished half sisters Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Merlot Having been abandoned by an indifferent [...]

    3. Sake was a very memorable character A product of a sordid affair she carries the heritage of two cultures on her shoulders This young woman endures so much hurt and shame in her life she struggles with her true identity This proves even difficult when she is thrusts into the public eye as the secret love child of a wealthy vineyard owner In order to find her future, she has to face her past What I like most about this story is that nothing came easy for Sake she has had to fight for everything [...]

    4. ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.This was a fun sweet read about a hard shelled girl who gets in trouble with the law which results in her being forced to spend time with her papa and three estranged sisters With her father s cook afraid of dogs, she s forced to rely on the help of Bill Diamond The only other person in Napa who she knows Bill is used to everything having its place Including the woman in his life He has goals and nothing is going to derail him from his pl [...]

    5. A Taste of Sake is a fabulous read It is the fourth installment of The Napa Wine Heiresses I thought the book was quite enjoyable and fun and I look forward to finding the others in the series 5 stars.

    6. First of all I want to thank Net Galley and the publisher for making an Advance Readers Copy available to me You can Pre order this book on or at your favorite book seller It becomes available on October 15, 2015.Have you ever had a book that once you started reading it you lost sense of everything else around you All you wanted to do was keep reading Usually that happens to me with a Police Detective Crime Novel or Spy Action novel But I found that it happened with this wonderful book.Sake is t [...]

    7. This is the 4th and final installment of the Napa wine heiress series I would ve been fine with this series ending at the 3rd book, as this was not my favorite in the series.Xavier St Pierre is forced to introduce his three daughters to their half Japanese sister, a product of one of his many affairs The sisters had no clue Sake even existed Sake has been living a less than glamorous life in San Francisco She has a potty mouth, hangs out with less than desirable people and longs for the day she [...]

    8. I must say I found it hard to connect with Sake and didn t care for her much I didn t like her attitude and especially how she treated Bill I understand she had a really rough childhood and she needed to be street tough but that doesn t mean she should go around being so ass headed with people who are treating her well with no ulterior motive while she tolerates Rico who is always making use of her and treating her haphazardly just because she feels they are of the same league For someone street [...]

    9. This was a really a heartwarming and different kind of story Sake has had a rough childhood, and is hiding behind this thug act she is putting out She dropped out of high school, never finished her drivers ed, she is living with an alcoholic man, but she loves baking, and is working in her dream job in a bakery.The way Sake talks makes her sound immature and dull, when she is anything but She has serious emotional scars from her childhood, and feelings of not being enough, or seen constantly bot [...]

    10. A Taste of Sake by Heather Heyford is the fourth book in the Napa Wine Heiress Series, but can be read as a standalone Sake is different from her sisters On the outside, she s very beautiful, just like them, but when she opens her mouth she sounds like Eminem Lots of sass and slang She didn t grow up with money like her sisters did Her mother took the child support money her father sent and spent it on herself and left Sake on her own She s been on own for a while and hasn t had anyone in her co [...]

    11. Where do I start this is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone I have read two of the other books and was so happy to have been gifted an ARC from NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review Sake is the fourth sister the St.Pierre clan She has known about her Papa and his other daughters for years She was brought up with her Japanese mother HaHa figuratively since she really wasn t a mother by many standards Sake was left to basically fend for herself It isn t until her eccentric fath [...]

    12. What a way to find out you have a sister This is the fourth book in the Napa Wine Heiresses Series This book can be read as a stand alone I was given this book for an honest review Now with that being said, I enjoyed this book This book had a couple of slow spots but with all the drama going on I could overlook those I look a book where I learn new stuff Books that make me google things is very interesting to me.Sake is the fourth sister the St.Pierre clan Sake has known about her sisters since [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading the story of the lost St Pierre sister, Sake Sake has lived most of her life feeling unwanted Her mother left her regularly for long periods of time and her father disappeared when she was young, leaving her to put up walls around her heart and develop a prickly attitude When she is arrested, her father finds her and gets her out of jail it turns out he has been looking for her from years after her mother just disappeared with her Unfortunately, he chooses her older sister s we [...]

    14. I ve only read Merlot s story from this series, which is the 2nd book in the series, and I really liked it, but this one wasn t quite up to my liking I think the main reason is that I didn t really care for Sake, and I felt like the story was a bit disjointed the ending need to it, it felt very abrupt I liked that Sake is a bit kooky and sassy, but she seemed like her intelligence was a bit lacking, and I can t stand characters who are a bit dopey, and also the way she speaks was annoying Bill [...]

    15. Family, sisters, trust, parents, goals, perfection and are dealt with in this marvelous story Never having read a book by this author I was not sure what to expect but it was a delight to read and get to know Sake, Bill and some of the rest of the characters in this book The other three sisters stories are told in earlier books in this series none of which I have read none of which are necessary before reading this book From the time I first met Sake in the helicopter as it was going down till [...]

    16. Be prepared to keep tissues close This is a tear jerker I went through a half box I like this series of Heather s I like her idea of naming the girls for wines as they live in a winery The oldest is getting married and her father flies in with his lost daughter His copter crashes That tells you how the rest will go Sake has been on her own since she was about 14 She lived in a flop house with her boyfriend Rico who drinks Sake makes friends with Bill who sees who she is but won t admit it Sake l [...]

    17. This was a very enjoyable book Of course I enjoy any books that actually make me feel, whether it is with laughter, tears or both, such as this one did For Sake St Pierre who was always raised as an outsider from her father and three half dozen, she isn t sure how to act when her father takes her to his home in Napa right before her twenty third birthday As she arrives at her sisters wedding literally in an accident, Bill Diamond steps forward and helps lend a hand This starts a strange type of [...]

    18. This truly enjoyable read is a great addition to the Napa Wine Heiresses series When the St Pierre sisters literally have an unknown sister drop from the sky on the day of Sauvignon s wedding, they open their arms willingly to bring Sake St Pierre into the fold Sake is not so quick to trust She has known of and envied her older three half sisters all her life Believing the will accept her so unconditionally will take some getting use to Sake meets Bill Diamond on that fateful day as well He is s [...]

    19. I had not read anything by Heather Heyford before A Taste of Sake, but hope to remedy that soon Ms Heyford has created a rather unique family with the eccentric father and his four daughters I must say that at times I enjoyed seeing the family especially Sake with her father interact At other times I simply hurt for this young women who had been so selfishly treated by her mother and other assorted nasties in her life I m also a pushover for anyone who loves their pet as much as Sake loved Taylo [...]

    20. Great Book This is a great book this is the fourth book in The Napa Wine Heiresses series by Heather Heyford Chardonnay, Merlot, and Sauvignon are the St Pierre wine heiresses The sisters are excited about Sauvignon s wedding When their eccentric father, Xavier arrives to the wedding with a surprise, a half Japanese sister named Sake Sake has never met her sisters and is struggling to break into the Napa society Bill Diamond is a high end realtor in Napa, and can tell that there s to Sake than [...]

    21. This is the first book by author Heather Heyford I have read and I enjoyed very much A Taste of Sake is the fourth book in the Napa Wine Heiresses series, but can be read as a stand alone book.Sake s dad Xavier St.Pierre is a wealthy winery owner She grew up with her mom on the other side of the tracks Sake new she had three sisters Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Merlot growing up wealthy The sisters find out about Sake when dad arrives with her in the helicopter at the wedding Bill Diamond comes to [...]

    22. Taste of Sake is the last story of the St Pierre daughters I must say that at the beginning of the book I was not impress with anything but deeper I got in the story better it became I didn t like Bill at beginning to He seemed to be a little snobbish but he turned out to be generous, caring sweet Sake was whole another story I liked Bills description of her sweet as cotton candy, but when she opened her mouth, Eminem came out Theirs connection was sweet an adorable.Whole story was interesting u [...]

    23. Perfect for wine lovers.I enjoyed this quirky and charming love story because the characters are not your usual hero and heroine and the storyline is quite different from other contemporary romances I have read It s well written and I liked the fact that I wasn t enad with Sake at the beginning but then found her to be endearingly lovable and that kept me wanting to know how her story and this unconventional romance would evolve It s a fun read with lots of layers and family dynamics that will t [...]

    24. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book This is the first book I ve read in this series and was a little anxious that I would be lost, but I wasn t Sake is the half Japanese sister of Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon they found out on Sauvignon s wedding Daddy s little surprise This was a good story even though I hadn t read any of the others.

    25. Loved it This is part of a series but can be read a stand alone Just word of caution you will love it and will buy the entire series But once you start you want I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

    26. The romantic conclusion for Bill and Sake was unclear, but it was a great read regardless Heather Heyford is one of my favorite authors.

    27. Didn t want to put it down Books 1 3 were good but this one really held my interest It started with a bang and kept going, holding me to it A really good read

    28. I won this book from Good Reads.It is the first one of the series that I read.It was a good read and I look forward to reading the others in the series

    29. Such a fun, sweet and easy read One that I just didn t want to put down and it didn t take me long to read at all.

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